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Giles – Realize lyrics

(it just starts with one word nothings more till you get shot or killed) see it hurts when you lose somebody that didn't do nothing. Fuck I hate it n this is how it goes... Listen 'cause it might help getting true ur head.. See I know how it's done sum one says summ there gonna shot and kill I'm about to blow lets. Fucking. Go

Its all about the gun's when I gotta fucking run down the streets to ur son but sumtimes it's too late
You didn't make the save n you gotta cry to he's grave..
Um tierd of alwas being right about evrything that goes on in life.
Don't you realize it aint the same till ur own charecter help you up till you go to the straight g road notings different till you call
9-11 this kid was 7
Um sick or tired lil wigga bitches thinking there gansta Playing the wanksta holding there 9mm in the palm ready to get a wigga calm they don't no the story they just tell it n do it next thing you know pop there dead notings gonna go true there head they just keep on doing it fuck I wish they would just let it go. Of it.. N walk away that's all I gotta say....
Notings different it's not different it's always the same bush don't even do nothing he just sits and stares
In he's fucking chair lookin at people die every night at the Each street corner day-light or night this is never right.
We all gotta do summ people open ur eyes you gotta fucking realize.. This aint no lies
Like the other day I saw this guy on tv dead with a bullet in he's head leaving him bloody red cops just sat there on the crime seen
Its always pull-it-n-pop-it bitches talk shit there bf got shot laying in the ditch it's all fucking bullshit
Keep ur mouth shut before you pop a bullet to ur skull it...
(R.I.P Isayah 2006 Oncle Love you no matter what N) To all you people that died out there For notings n For people Alive don't Take shit Just Keep going Strong this aint wrong Just listen to this Song N realize what-The-Fuck's Going on.

Producer: Giles malette

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