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Georgia Brown – Black Nature lyrics

Hey you, bro
Don't you think
It's time to be free
It's time to be free
What do you think then?
That you can stand
All kind
Of race prejudice

Believe me
I use to be
Aways free

We are all the same
We've got all rights
And who teels you
Is a white woman
With a black soul
There are
Too many fuckin'
Black guys outside
Where are
The fuckin' guys?
Singing songs
And they are singing
Much happier then me

Believe me
I use to be
Aways free

I disagree
The races division
We live in a world
Where everyone
Has to work
To work together
To make it better
Nobody is different
We are came
From the same land
In different colors so
Why the race prejudice?

Believe me
I use to be
Aways free

Hey, guy
Where tha fuck
Do you think
We are living?
If we had
The same thought
Searching for a reason
To have a healthy life
And respect each other
Just because
I'm a fucking white
And you're a fucking black
Another indian or yellow
Kind of different cultures
Languages, presidents
We've got a lot
To learn from each other
Talk it over
If we don't fight
To change everything now
What's gonna be
Our kids future?
Stop the war
It's peace time
It doesn't matter
In fact
We are the same
God's children
Hey guy, turn it on

Oh, turn it on
Talk it over


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