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Gavin DeGraw – Dancing Shoes lyrics

Verse 1:
It's so nice to see you.
Can we sit and talk for a while?
I have searched forever,
I can't imagine anything better.

Kids upon the stairway,
Couples on the sidewalk squares.
If I get to your heart soon,
I'll call a perfect afternoon.

Won't you call my number.
Don't push, but don't hesitate.
Wake me from this slumber.
Rush me, but leave time to wait.

Verse 2:
Checkmate on my shoulder.
I'm tired of this win or lose.
Well, I'm no knight in shining armor,
But I'm no pair of dancin' shoes.
I'm no pair of dancin' shoes.

My patience ran away.
Take me with you.
You keep me holding on.
Nothin's understood
You're so confusing
Tell it to me straight


Rush me but leave time to wait
I got nothin' left to lose
But I'm no pair of dancin shoes

I got nothin' left to lose
But I'm no pair of dancin shoes

I got nothin' left to lose
But I'm no pair of dancin shoes

I got nothin' left to lose
But I'm no pair of dancin shoes

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  • u
    This song is amazing and I believe that he means that when he says "i'm no knight in shining armor" that he is saying he isn't perfect but, "i'm no pair of dancing shoes" means he isn't going to stand around waiting forever, having her spinning him in circles. Like dance shoes, they are warn out and battered quickly and he is saying he wants to know if she is going to pick him or just keep dragging him along.
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  • Sonicgogirl
    Omg! Gavin Degraw has a new album! Omg! I have got to get this! How come I never heard of this album? Gavin is so awesome! The new omg: Oh My Gavin!
    So any ways. This song is a beautiful song. I'm guessing that he's in love with this girl and he's teling her that he wants to be more than just friends ("Won't you call my number?" I've lost my patience; Take me with you; You keep me holding on" "Wake me from this slumber"). He wants to know if she will to ("Tell it to me straight").
    But he's also warning her that he isn't going to be perfect, so he will make mistakes (I'm no knight in shining armour" "I'm no pair of dancing shoes").
    This song is beautiful. Gavin is a wonderful singer. I love his music.
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