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Gackt – Lust For Blood (English Version) lyrics

A soul barely there will forget all,
Melt away, confused by the scars revealed to me
I stick out my hand.

The final moment
Is too much for that blank stare to handle
Those falling tears,
Are the promise of a day long gone.

Tears of farewell permitted only for us
No one could stop them if they tried,
A promise from the past, to end
This endless cycle of error, here.

This incessant lust won't be satisfied,
Even if just for a little while...
I'd like to be human again.

If it'll make this pain in my heart go away,
Just kill me already.
Don't make a sad face,
I'd like for at least you to smile
At least in the end

Breathing in and out, in and out
I can't find what I need.
I ruin all peace,
Making the same errors again and again

Tears of farewell permitted only for us
No one could stop them if they tried,
A promise from the past, to end
This endless cycle of error, here.

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Lust For Blood (English Version) meanings

  • u
    Like he knows that if he stays the way he is, he could hurt the one he cares about. So, like me, he begs for someone to plunge a knife in his heart to relieve him of the pain that tortures him so much. In his world, if he had his way, he would be free and nothing would hurt him as much as this. All he cares about is in the descision he has to make. Die or see a death in his own hand that would haunt him the rest of his life.
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  • r
    I personally think this song reminds me of Genesis Rhapsodos. I love Genesis for one. And really if you think about it. He practically begs for someone to kill him. He wants to die, but not because he wants to die. He realizes that something that appears human but is not human, should not exist in this world. He, like I, would give anything to be fully human again, but all he can do is know, with every second, that he is a monster, not worthy of redemption, but seeking it none the less.
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  • r
    Just very deep and powerful. I see the Genesis and Zero refferances/similarities as the others wrote but really at it's core this song is about someone who's slipped beyond the line of humanity, who fears what they've become. The know that they crave this thing that pulls them firtuer from humanity yet they are pained because someone still part of humanity was so dear to them. They don't want to drag that person down with them, and the only person that they feel can save them, is the person they cared about. Because despite the 'inhumanity' that has afflicted them they know they can't hurt that person and so want this person to end them, to make sure they never degenerate to the point they hurt this precious person.
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