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Gackt – Returner-Yami No Shuen (English Version) lyrics

As the moon was being held closely by the sky,
I became frightened by loneliness,
So I called out, searching for you, but couldn't see through my tears.

When reflected in your eyes,
I would be smiling,
Never again shall I find a smile like that one.
In the pitch dark, my cries go on,
And there I see you,
Too far away.

To the point of breaking,
Hold me tightly.
If I can meet with you again,
Even in a dream,
Let me have eternal sleep.

To the point of breaking,
Hold me tightly.
The dream, from which I've been waking up, is vanishing,
Your arms and beloved voice is slipping away.

Because I will meet with you again,
Because I made a promise,
With love that would overflow,
Cover me gently --
Let me have eternal sleep.

I can't see you,
I can't see you.

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    This is sung from a woman's point of view, and to me, it sounds like she's mourning the loss of her lover/husband after he was killed.
    Reason why I think this, is because everything I hear this song, I get the picture of a young woman standing on a cliff/ a pourch/ staring out a window, watching the distance before falling to her knees in despair and crying, somehow sensing or knowing that her lover/husband is going to return to her.
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    When I hear this song I think about the way two close friends or lovers are separated by a war or hatred and jelousy. The woman lives in the tribe where hatred and stuborness always leads up to war with the man's tribe. The men command her to stay on campus but she disguises herself and goes to war. The boy does not want war so he stays hidden watching the war. The girl hides like him and watches. Then he goes to fight. Th girl runs to the overseeing cliff and watches the boy get hurt but still stand. As the war ends he stands last. But he's crying. As he dies before her, he holds her face and says, "the war is over... We won... I will be... The returner. " and then she cries over him but accepts his fate and believes they will meet again very soon. So he sings of a friendship or love story that he would be the returner to his tribe like her.
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