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Erik Santos – Say You'll Never Go lyrics

How can I make it through the day
Without you
You have been so much a part of me (and if you'll go)
I'll never know what to do

How can I carry on my way
The memories
When all that is left is the pain in my history
Why should I live my life today

I cannot live out on my own (I can't do anything at all)
And just forget the love you've always shown
And accept the fate of my condition
Please don't ever go
For I cannot live my life alone

Say you'll never go
Say you'll never go out my way
Say you'll never go
For we can still go on
And make it through
Just say you'll never go
Say you'll never go away

How can I make my dreams come true
Without you
You were the one who gave love to me (and don't you know)
Your are my fantasy

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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    How can I live everyday when you are gone.? How can I face tomorrow without you to make it great.? How can I continue to dream when the person I want to share it is gone.? Why did you come into my life and made my world upside down when you're about to leave me. I don't want to reminisce our memories of happy days, alone and sad. Let's be together forever. Because the moment you leave me is going to be the most painful thing for me to face alone.
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    This song always reminds me of her :'( I want to fight for our love even if the whole world was our enemy. She leaves me because she does not want to fight. I want to hug her, kiss her but it's too late. To start pretending. It's too late for the new beginning later than the sunset later than the rain. I love her. I want to move on. Please help me guys. I want to forget her and make a brand new start </3 </3 </3 I know that she will be a part of my life even though she broke me. I will find my pieces and build it. I know this experience will make me stronger someday. I want to be strong for myself. For the last time, I love you Cea </3.
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