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Eminem – 25 to Life lyrics

Too late
For the other side
Caught in a chase
25 to life

Too late
For the other side
Caught in a chase
25 to life

Too late
I can't keep chasing it
Caught in a chase
25 to life

I don't think she understands
The sacrifices that I made
Maybe if this bitch had acted right
I would have stayed
But I've already wasted over half my life
I would have laid down and died for you
I no longer cry for you
No more pain
Bitch you took me for granted
Took my heart and ran it straight into the planet
Into the dirt
I can no longer stand it
Now my respect I demand it
Imma take control of this relationship
Command it
And I'm gonna be the boss of you now goddammit
And what I mean is that
I'm will no longer let you control me
So you better hear me out
This much you owe me
I gave up my life for you
Totally devoted to you
Why I've stayed
Faithful all the way
This is how I fucking get repaid?

Look at how I dress
Fucking baggy sweats
Go to work a mess
Always in a rush to get back to you
I ain't heard you yet
Not even once say you appreciate me
I deserve respect
I've done my best to give you
Nothing less then perfectness

And I know that if I end this
I'll no longer have nothing left
But you keep treating me like a staircase
It's time to fucking step
And I wont be coming back
So don't hold your fucking breath
You know what you've done
No need to go in depth
I told you you'd be sorry
If I fucking left
I laughed while you wept
How's it feel now?
Yeah funny ain't it
You neglected me
Did me a favor
Let all my spirit free
You've said
Got a special place for you
In my heart
That I have kept
It's unfortunate but it's

Too late
For the other side
Caught in a chase
25 to life

Too late
For the other side
Caught in a chase
25 to life

I feel like
When I bend over backwards for you
All you do is laugh
Cuz that ain't good enough
You expect me to fold myself in half
Till I snap
Don't think I'm loyal
All I do is rap
How can I moonlight on the side
I have no life outside of that
Don't I give you enough of my time?
You don't think so do you?
Jealous when I spend time with the girls
Why I'm married to you still
Man I don't know
But tonight I'm serving you with papers
I'm divorcing you
Go marry someone else
And make em famous
And take away their freedom
Like you did to me
Treat em
like you don't need em
And they ain't worthy of you
Feed em
The same shit that you made me eat
I'm moving on
Forget you
Oh now I'm special
I didn't feel special when I was wit you
All I ever felt was this
Imprisoned by a selfish bitch
Chew me up and spit me out
I fell for this
So many times
It's ridiculous
And still I stick with this
I'm sick of this
But in my sickness
And addiction
Your addictive as they get
Evil as they come
Vindictive as they make em
My friends keep asking me
Why I can't just walk away from
I'm addicted
To the pain, the stress
The drama
I'm drawn to shit
So I guess I'm a mess
Cursed and blessed
But this time imma
Ain't changing my mind
I'm climbing out this abyss
Your screaming as I walk out
That I'll be missed
But when you spoke of people
Who meant the most to you
You left me off your list
Fuck you hip hop
I'm leaving you
My life sentence is served bitch
And it's just

Too late
For the other side
Caught in a chase
25 to life

Too late
For the other side
Caught in a chase
25 to life

Too late
Caught in a chase
25 to life

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  • h
    25 to life is the sentencing for murder. This song is about Marshal's relationship with Hip-Hop. "F*ck You Hip-Hop I'm leaving you, my life sentence is served" meaning that he gave his life to Hip-Hop, he sacrifice everything for it, he was so devoted that he didn't spend anytime with his girls "Jealous when I spend time with the girls". In this song, he is saying how he is done with Hip-Hop, how he gave everything to it and it didn't give anything back, it didn't appriciate him. He's saying he's walking out on Hip-Hop, he's "divoricing" it, "Go marry someone else and make em famous" He became addicted to it, and this is his release/recovery.
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  • u
    It's about his life and how hip hop is what he gave his life to. Every minute since he got famous he has spent on his career and all he has got back is hardships, addictions, and he wasn't able to spend much time with his girls (daughters and wife). And so, he says he's done being "married to the game" and that he wants to take back the control over his own life, because he's never gotten love back from the world of hip hop.
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  • u
    This is amazing to listen to after being cheated on. There's like no words for how powerful this is. It explains my past 1 year to the max. I gave everything, was always waiting to get something back in hopes it'd get better, but I was addicted to her. Ended up getting cheated on and left behind. Thank god I've always got Eminem.
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  • u
    Realtionship with music industry, and there is no such thing like illuminati. The reason why noone of stars can make the chiefs of music industry pay back is just their money and lawers. Stars come and go and industry remain. It's like a war where people fight and die but system remains and even upgrading it's law and economic spheres and gaining experience in fooling and cheating people(here stars) so that they go to war and die there while industry gets profit) as simple as that.
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  • u
    He is leaving and divorcing hip-hop, that's what the song is about. Em's lyrics come from his heart and they are received by, and have a different meaning to, everyone that listens. I can normally relate to the feelings he has but it's not always the same thing or event that causes those feelings. Example; he's pissed off at, feels used by, and divorcing hip-hop. Thousands of his listeners feel the same way but its about their significant other.
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