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Drugstore Fanatics – Bullet lyrics

I was compelled to believe in this
Motorized, bullshit, sick fucking
Deal to possess and caress and
Obsess in this need for appeal
I was compelled

When the pigs start laughing it'll
Be just like running through hell
When the board will collapse it'll
Be ever one saving themselves
This is my last stop cause
The bullet went through
In it for me, I hope to achieve
What I sought to believe in the end
Where's the end, can you tell,
I can barely recall when it began,
In it for me

We have come to take place right
Here betwe n you and your needs
We would like to watch you choke
Heavily on some of your deeds
This is my last stop cause the
Bullet went through

Bare through the rugged times
A simple crusade just a little
Dedication then it'll start to pay
Eye on the prize while you're
Bitching, never ending it's a
Pain ul pure force and it paves
The way I was by your side when
I started to design the revol tion
I intended and the fina decline
When you ha ed your pride
I honed my knife the one I used
To stab you in the back and
Fucking cut out your eyes

So call me up when you're
Gonna give a piece of the pie
I'll join you watch you suffocate
On it 'till you die at this point
I really don't think of myself as
Obscene I'm just trying to share
A piece of my true reality

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