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Dmc – Freaky Chick lyrics

So hot.. it's so freaky, aoww!

So sexy, and she's freaky [4X]

[Chorus 2X: DMC]
She's a freaky chick believe me
She dances on the TV
Watch me, watch me, paparazzi
I'm, so, cute

She's on the movie screen
In all the magazines
She Benz's and she bings
She's gonna get all your cream
She dreams of money cream
She dress so fresh and clean
A shopaholic thing
She is a beauty queen
Just like Mary uh what's her name
Things ain't changed she still the same
Remember those things she used to do
Remember that song I sung to you
Remember that story I used to tell
About Mary cold buggin and +Raising Hell+
She's freaky as, as freaky gets
When it comes to chicks she's freakiest


Now I know Mary and I know Jane
They both are freaks then who's to blame?
Jane, always, looks for Dick
She like Dick cause Dick a trick
She left Dick and went with Rick
This caused beef with Keith and Mick
Now who is she sleepin with?
It's a story that the tabloids got to get
All the rapper dudes, wanna hit it
All the actor dudes, wanna hit it
It's a well known fact but they won't admit it
When they knock them boots they all know who did it


So sexy, and she's freaky [8X]

Hit her one time you'll fall in love
She'll be the one you're always thinkin of
That's one piece you've got to get
That's one piece you've got to hit
She's one freak you won't forget
Might be a move you might regret
She's so fine, she's so hot
And if you want her she wants a lot
That's okay if you don't mind
One thing's for sure you'll have a good time
It's alright, it's okay
She don't want you anyway
It's alright, it's okay
You can get it but you got to pay
It's alright, it's okay
She don't want you anyway
It's alright, it's okay
You can spend the night but you can't stay

So sexy, and she's freaky [4X]

[Chorus - 2X]

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