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Divine Sin – Burnt To The Bone lyrics

Who you can turn to you don't know
Your friends stopped to care long ago.
Your parents turned away in desperation and shame.
Society doesn't even know your name.

You're burnt to the bone
Alone, now you stand alone
Empty hearts turn to stone
You're burnt to the bone.

Society has failed, yes that's what we say.
But aren't you responsible anyway?
Yes, there is no one else to blame.
This was your choise, but does it remain.

You're burnt...

What's left of your brain slowly realise
You've got no life worth living for.
And one day they will find you, like so many others before
Not breathing anymore.

Drugaddict, you can't say what it is
Night or day
All you want is to fade away
Like a body without a brain.

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