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Dirty Mike – Waterfall lyrics

Dirty Mike! 
This one goes out to everyone who worked on the album
Friends; family; Mr. maxima 
Love you man... let's go
Get faded; Get high,
Fuck her in the jacuzzi.
Them fuckin bitches is crystal,
I never cared about cooties. 
Bitch.. Shut up.. 
Get on your knees and suck. 
What's that you have a boyfriend? 
You think I give a fuck? 
When I die, don't cry;
Celebrate that shit. 
Imma mend it to the world,
With the crimes I commit.
I've been fuckin the system 
Since I was a kid
Drinkin straight liquor 
From my mamas tits.
Every time I'm in the club,
You know I make it rain. 
First I pop some pussy 
Then I Pop champagne 
I fucked every bitch-
From here to China 
I'm not gonna lie
That's a lot of vagina
Goin up in my ride
With your girl by my side 
She's got big titties:
So I give her a try
We fucked all day
And we fucked all night, 
But you can have her back 
Cuz she's no longer tight.
The girls love my style 
And my rhymes are dope
I got more goals
Than the motherfuckin pope. 
I stole you're bitch 
Let your balls flew 
Welcome to my kitchen
We're making pussy too. 
Ham up in this club 
Fuckin all of these bitties 
Your girl hit me up 
She wants to show me her titties. 
I give her hickey 
I drink till I'm dizzy 
She sucked on my dick 
And now her tits are all sticky 
When I was a kid 
Told mom I won't play with fire
Now I'm rappin these verses 
And she calls me a liar
Fucked your bitch last night
Now her pussy is tired 
I fucked my bosses daughter
Safe to say I got fired
When I was a kid 
I got coal in my stocking
Shot Santa in his fat ass
And now he done walking 
I had this bitch 
She was a bunny 
I put it in her ass 
Now she's hopin round funny
If you threaten me 
I'll put your body in a ditch 
Then I'll fuck your mom
Let you know she's my bitch 
You know her titties big 
And you know her as fat 
Hit it from behind 
Until I make her ass clap 
Get the fuck out 
Don't mess with my gang 
We love gettin faded 
And fuckin putang
Back at the crib 
We'll have a gang bang
I once fucked an Asian chick 
Her name was Ching Chang
Bendin over flexed 
With a big booty buck 
When you suck my dick 
Make sure you lick the nuts 
Pocket full of gold
And my raps are ill
All the bitches wanna fuck me 
Even the milk 
I'm in love with booty 
I'm in love with the coco
Snort it off her ass 
And I just go loco 
My dick is long 
And my stacks are tall 
Put it in her pussy
Turn it into a waterfall

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