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Deja Bryson – Move Along lyrics

Verse 1
I don't be waitin up
Get what I want
While you in the back
I move to the front
I'm so blunt
Move on when it's done
Yall want me to lose
But I already won
I'm too fly
See me passin by
But before I die
I gotta touch the sky
I'm too grown
Leave them boys alone
Bring that money home
Or find another woman

You be on top
I'll be right beside ya
You can be the boss
I'm the co-signer
A real woman
I know when to be quiet
Or take the lead
And get what I desire
I'm too cool
Move on to the next one
Gotta drop you
If I'ma have the best one
Plus I keep a fresh one
I don't care about what the rest want

I think you better move
Move along
Move on
Uh huh uh huh
Now keep it goin
Keep it goin
Keep it goin
Uh huh uh huh I
Think you better move it
Yea move it and move along
Thinkin you should do it
Yea do it and keep it goin
Think if you alone
Then gone head and be alone
You should keep it movin
Keep movin and move on

Verse 2
I aint about to stop
Real from the start
While you on the bottom
I move to the top
I'm so hot
Ya mad cause ya not
Yall want me to drop
Cause I'm blowin up the spot
I'm too much
I buy my own stuff
I do what I want
Try to keep up
I'm too grown
Left them boys alone
Bring that money home
Or find another woman



Leave your past
In the past
Keep on movin'
Don't look back
Keep goin don't lose track
Gotta move along with what you have
There you are keep goin strong
Even if you ended up alone
Here you are keep goin on
You can do it movin it along


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