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Deetah – Honey Lollipop lyrics


Yo, sweet suga flava, honey lollipop
Let me taste yours, papi,
Let's frame candy rain
Chokolate cream dreams
Let me taste yours
I'ma let you taste mines
If you let me taste yours

Verse 1

You can't cope with his style, my nigga is so fly
So juvenile I keep his digits with the x-files
Never try to steal what's mines
Small accidents I simply can develop
All fellows know the way I roll
We standin' on a high level, you, drastically flippin' it
Back to where I was verbally rippin' it
This mommy satisfy, no regrets allowed
We be chillin' on clouds, but still keep it underground

Verse 2

We lay back with the Henny
Visualizin' with a blurry sight, shit is all right
You're fly, nigga, you have to come close and see me live
Analyze the stage, I'll be rippin' it over and underground
Blow it up wild sounds, show with extra bonus
Techniques from the lyrical chick wearin' Goldkronor
Coming thru, I wanna rock with you all night
I know you feel, yo, we tight
Slide that ass over here cutie, boogie down and
Freeze that goody, rock on without the roll
I'm overheated but still stonecold
Claudeetah break the ice with her rugged style

Verse 3

Time fo' action I think I hit a score
No fake moves, I wanna taste yours
Little Bo guarantee everlastin', music blastin'
We could all go subterranean, nasty if you ask me
I got all accessinside passes
Follow me but you have to move a little faster
It's all or none, son, I know you like it
When I ripped the mic, I need to be rewinded

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