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Dawg Life – Under The Influence lyrics

I'm Under the influence, ain't no telling what I got pored up in my Styrofoam cup
I'm under the influence, no sticks no seeds mothafucka all I smoke is good weed
I'm under the influence, hoe playing wit her nose b4 I kno it she taking off her close
I'm under the influence, the say drugs don't do it but still must people gone use it

[Tonn Deep - Verse 1]
Bout 8: 30 and I'm headed to the liquor store got uh corner of gin I gotta get sum mo drinkn bombay and uh nigga blowin dro and I think these hoez kno dat uh nigga tore up from the floor my speach slurred and slow but I don't give uh fuck cuz I'm rolling wit nucky breaux and gent eastwood nigga what's good S. T. O. P S. I. X dats my hood givig bitches white lines uh portion of my life time hustle work uh nine to five and uh nigga spit rhymes in the ghetto like hot sauce and pork rhines Waldorf nigga sale uh brick in all dimes even if I gotta light uh nigga up I'm getting mines therald bread till I'm dead as uh flat line I'll be higher than uh mothafucka in the mean time bitch don't ask cuz nigga yes I'm....


[Gent Eastwood - Verse 2]
I see circles on ciroc bottles
Give me another two I'm trying to get throttled
And four more shots for my models please
Gotdamn these hoes drink mo than me
Cause really I prefer the weed
A matter fact I gotta sweet in my mouth right now as I lay this down
I'm under the influence making music so addictive it got em twitching
So potent it got her choking
Aww man I'm just joking
Too much good I been smoking
She say the X pill got her wet like a ocean
So now we on the freeway coasting
Let's do it do it girl I know you under the influence
Yea let's move it move it
We both under the influence


[Nucky Breaux Jr - Verse 3]
Styrofoam in my right hand blunt in my left I'm under the influence I'm feeling myself. My swagga like a pimp betta grab yo bitch came to the club with one had three when I left they all go livas you know its not problem she fed wit the head mama please take a breath she said wuz good let ya girl put it down I'm cocked on ciroc its enough to go around and back around again the gotta loose ex pills seel the deal now ya boy knocking boots if my girl find out I'm a blame it on the hooch I'm a blame it on her fuck blame it on the youth. It wasn't me too much weed and bubbly got me doing ill shit wit this broad up under me now I'm back in the club tryna find another love that's me vip wit a bottle of bub cuz I'm.


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