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Darrell Evans – Redeemer Savior Friend lyrics

I know You had me on Your mind
When You climbed up on that hill
For You saw me with eternal eyes
While I was yet in sin
Redeemer Savior Friend

Every stripe upon Your battered back
And every thorn that pierced Your brow
Every nail drawn deep through guiltless hands
Said that Your love knows no end
Redeemer Savior Friend

Redeemer redeem my heart again
Savior come and shelter me from sin
You're familiar with my weakness
Devoted to the end
Redeemer Savior Friend

So the grace You poured upon my life
Will return to You in praise
And I'll gladly lay down all my crowns
For the name by which I am saved(x2)

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  • u
    The first line really touches my heart, I mean I no you had me on my mind, its really inspires me. And the redeemer here also means he has redeemerd us from our sins. He see what we do, he here us when we talk to him and also he is there for us always. I will also end by saying that, I really thank darell evans for this song may the good lord bless him. Thank you darell evans.
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  • s
    This song is very special to me. During the times when I was in the most difficult, depress and tough times in my life this song help me to became strong, courageous and to became an overcomer. Year 2007 was the most hardest year for me and for my family. We experienced to lived and stayed for almost a week along the street as if we were all beggars, We experienced to be an evacuees for almost two weeks. We also used to lived under the bridge from year 2007 to 2009. This all happened because of road widening project of Navotas municipality. Unfortunately we didn't recieved any support from the government either relocation or financial. That time I felt so useless, wasted and hopeless. I felt that it was the ending of a better life for me and for my family. But when God brought into my remembrance this wonderful song "REDEEMER,SAVIOR FRIEND" little by little I gain strength and boldness to move on. This song help me to realized that I still have God my savior and my friend who knows the best for me and for my family. Every lyric and line of the song inspired me not to stop fighting for my dreams. I want to thank God for being my Redeemer savior friend. Now I'm currently working as Team_assistant (legal department) at pbcom tower (highest tower in makati). I love you Jesus.
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  • u
    This song is very special to me, it instigate's me to keep running the race to my Success and evrything he's said abt me that for sure I wuld definitely be whom he wants me to be. The contents of the song makes me thirsty for Jesus. Thank You my Brightening Morning Star.
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  • u
    For the past years, I have been listening to the chorus and not paying attention to the lyrics. Today I had to check out the lyrics. This song is so touching. It just reminds me who Jesus is and how I have abandoned him. But I really want to make a change now, follow him, love him, rely on him. Thanks Evans. Your song just saved my soul. May God continue to inspire you. Jesus I love you and I need you.
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