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Dame Grease – Harlem Niggas lyrics

[Huddy Combs (Loon)]
Yo (what) yeah (c'mon c'mon, c'mon c'mon)
Harlem World, All Out nigga
Vacant Lot
Huddy Six
Whut, whut, whut, whut

(Whut, whut whut)
Huddy Six nigga
All Out (Uh-huh)
Whut, uh, uh

[Huddy Combs]
Yo yo Yo Loon
This niggas mad but we back again
Huddy Six, Harlem World getting' stacks again
Areans we back again
Go ask your friends
Hataz wanna see the kids sellin' cracks again

Yo Hud,
We 'bout dough but that's irrelevant
Got chicks that love me enough to go celibat
You cats yellin' it
But you ain't tellin' it
You think you sellin' it
But you ain't sellin' shit

[Huddy Combs]
Aha yo,
What the fuck they know about the pj's

What the fuck they know about the pj's
I'm doin' 100 on a freeway

[Huddy Combs]
Nigga I've been copin' drugs
And poppin' s***s
Lil'Huddy getting' money since the cottonclub
Popin' up and new things
Hollow blue rings
All Out son that's how we do thangs(yo)

[Chorus x2: Emoni Montane]
To my Harlem niggas that push the dope rise
And my Harlem bitches that miss the go bys
And my Harlem niggas that lived the coke life
And my harlem niggas survived the dope life

See, you I wanna start me frontin' like rp
Comin' down seven in a purple ferrari
Gun proof, throwin' money out the sunroof
Gunn in my 'lac
Nigga act, I lacked, one lose

[Huddy Combs]
Yo what they know about street money
My niggas die for dough
Getting cake was a while ago
One of the wildest hoe
But Six keep the foulest hoes
Slip a mickey in your drink nigga, down & go

That's why you all out for me
And I'm all out for you
You're all about the dough, and I'm all about my crew
Cause I'm that type that fight, I'm fall out for you
Spend money all night, and ball out with you (yo, yo)

[Huddy Combs]
Uptown, dust money niggas makin' it hot
Dice game Huddy Six in gamblin' the spot
Keep gunhands in my glock
Give a fuck about ya'll niggas is family or not

Cause yo,
Ya'll niggas know who the man on the block
Spend a hundred grand on my watch
Just standin' & spot
Holdin' 'em chips
Young niggas throwin' 'em bricks
My click holdin' it down, niggas holdin' their dick

[Chorus x2]

Vacant Lot get money again
Vacant Lot get money again
Bounce everybody bounce c'mon
Bounce everybody bounce c'mon
Vacant Lot get money again
Vacant Lot get money again
Bounce everybody bounce c'mon
Bounce everybody bounce c'mon

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