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Culture Shock – Civilization Street lyrics

Here we are on, civilisation street
Where the neighbours never meet
And you have to be discreet
Don't ever talk to strangers
Even when they offer you sweets
Keep your mouth shut, keep your mouth shut
Keep your head down

Here we are in, civilisation town
Where shops are closing down
And the people rush around
No time to stop and talk
All the cops are going round
Keep your head down, keep your head down
Keep your mouth shut

Here we are in, civilisation city
Where the lights are oh so pretty
And the concrete smells of money
Laced with years of exploitation
Got no job (aw)
Got no job, oh what a pity
Uh uh oh

When the church is empty and the graveyard full
The skies are gray with chemicals
And all the books lie in the dust
The televisions now rust
Watch the people, wither away
Alone together, have a nice day, have a nice day, have a nice day, have a nice day,
Have a nice day, have a nice day, have a nice day, have a nice day now
Have a nice day!

On civilisation street the jigsaw's incomplete
We've got the whole world at our feet!
But we ruined all the good bits and cut down all the trees
And dumped the radiation into the deep blue sea

And carved up someones landscape
Just to get from A to B
Just to move that little bit faster
Put our faith in luxury
Just to move that little bit closer
To the world on your tv

Any everyone needs more money, ha
Cos nothing makes ends meet
Cos time is money, time is money
And I haven't any time
On civilistaion street

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