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Cromok – Misty And Sibling lyrics


Searching for an anwser
wondering trough different places
is there anything left for a heart so true

flying with broken wing
plungging into certain death
the sight of you saved me from the fall

i reach out to touch you
spread my wings towards your heart
fly until i reach my destination

you !
hope lies in your spark
like candle in the dark
guide me with your heart

you !
cought me by surprise
glimpse of your eyes
light the colours in the sky

happy ever after ?
milion hands grab me away from you
milion reasons nothing I ever knew

will it ever matter ?
fantasies turn into shattered dreams
I don't know why they stop me, hate me
what have I done ?

sadness in your eyes
even demon cry
I'll will for you
nothing much that I can do
even demon cry

I'll wait for you
nothing much that I can do
even back to where I started
broken wings with broken heart

Cromok image of purity

what is your fear
the darkness in
your heart and soul
or your own fate

it's not easy
to lie to me
i know the truth
i know your hatred
-iread your mind-
listen to me
you stupid human
the ....... of you
which one will die

the choice is yours
the plans are mine
you got what you want
i know i diserve
-another friend-
the enviness
is strong inside
whatever you envy
you will destroy

you obey me
you follow me
we loughed together
we cry forever
-end of me-
agreement was made
my plans are wicked
i know you're cruel
we both are evil

the past will be
tragic history
it is your fault
it's your desire
-pray no more-
echoes of the rottingflesh
tingling in your little ears
i know i can have my rest
it not my choice that you'll hear

i have the oath
i can't deny
destroy us both
i won't ask why

if only you
know my destiny
the pit of hell
i'll be burnt
-till eternity-
tell my your secret
ill tell you mine
you say you wont
i say you will
wheever you go
i'll be your shadow
on your knees
to me you'll bow
-let it go-
i have no choice
i whisper to you
you'll hear my voice
screaming through

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