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Cristian Alexanda – Cristain Alexanda - Misunderstood lyrics

Now you can bang it in the club if you wanna,
You can bring your girl but I'll probably take her from ya,
So you better leave her at home, all alone she gonna call me on the phone
2 a clock, telling me to come home,
I can't help it (Na) its just who I am
Call me faggot, to your bitch I'm super man
(it's a feeling) how the fuck you gonna understand
I can't help it nigga its just who I am

Girl I know you like the way I walk (Oh)
And I see you tryin not to get to close, tell me baby
So baby wont you take a ride with me
And I can show you things I know you never seen
So baby wont you come with me

I'm not just a playa baby, these fuken rumours drive me crazy
The player haters say I'm sleazy, but I'm misunderstood (babe)
I know your girl friends say I'm no good,
I slept around girl coz I could,
They say I'm arrogent coz I look good, but I'm jst misunderstood

I know you probably seen me around before
So you seen the shit that I gotta ignore, around me baby
And everywhere I go all I hear is...
Cris did that, or Cris did this, or Cris causing all kinda shit

Now what you want from me
All there rumors that you be spreading they be hurtin me
Going around from town to town make you startin me
I don't know, ur big bro,
But his friends wanna claim that I fucked his ho,
Oh no, I don't think so,
The only bitches that I wanna fuck are my hoes
So you better check the c** stain on her clothes
Probably sail win the jeremy
So case closed you know

So tell me who you think I am
Coz I'm just tryin to understand
What you want from me
I'm not just baby

{Chorus} x3

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