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Cr33 – Anewrevolution lyrics

Where do I begin it's time to take a stand.
Not belief but action is the substance of a man.
From the inside out is how we should reflect it
Not put on a front but see the evil and reject it.
Tracing it's beginnings to ancient Babylon
Through deceitful lies her traditions grew strong.
Tell me what you're thinking,
I'll tell you the truth, assassinate the lies like John Wilkes Booth.
Let me tell you something what you've got is nothing.
I can see your heart
And I can tell when you're fronting so I release the fury, I release the love.
You feel the conviction and the goodness of the God I speak of.
Anewrevolution for the extremists.
Extremists come together we're marching straight ahead.
I'm not going knee deep I'm going in over my head.
Take it with each stride take it like a man
Depend upon Jehovah where we get the strength to stand.
Raise up the resistance get in the last word
Slicing up the demons the scriptures are my sword.
Watch the evil tremble when I mention His name.
Once they get a glimpse of Him they're bursting out in flames
'cause now we're active members of this army of fire.
Our retaliation biting like vampires.
What you gonna do?
Make a choice today take the lead or follow
Or if you're coward get out of the way.
We can't back down now that so much is at stake.
Is there anything really left to contemplate?
Our retaliation is righteous indignation,
Raise up the Resistance for anewrevolution.

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