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Clash – Capital Radio lyrics

About a year ago, yeah, about a year ago right, and I (Wait, ready)
When I saw "The Pistols", right, I suddenly realized that I wasn't alone, in the fact that I couldn't play to well
You know what I mean?
I was in a group where all these people could play quite well, you know
And I felt inferior 'cause of it, you know
And when I saw "The pistols", I thought it was great
'Cause it, it suddenly struck me that it didn't have to matter that much, you know (Yeah I do)
And than I said, "I'll go to another group", "Wow, what a great group", and they all went, "Hm"
Right, and than these guys, I met these guys and I thought, "They look great"
I said, "They've got a group", so I said I was interested
So we went, had a go ok, and just doing it 'cause it was...
(Did you have the ninety?) No, he's having it mate
He's vocal; he's the brains behind the group
We say what we want, right, and he will life the live
Catch on to it and get hold of it, right, and grasp what we've got, right...
What they want, right, and it's up to them, right, I mean we ain't gonna have no fucking preach and preach and preach
Right, until it sounds like fucking nonsense, you know what I mean
Like you, you, you sound like something, an evangelist
But talk about the single man
No, what it is, I think I like it like that, 'cause the first time we went to a studio with a famous producer he said to me
"Look you c***, you better pronounce the words right"
So I made a big deal about it, I really tried to pronounce it, and I, took all the piss out of it, you know
It just sounded like Matt Monroe was doing it, right, so I said, "Bollocks to that, I'm never doing that again"
So, and that is, to me it's like Jamaican stuff, right, you know
You can't understand the Jamaican stuff, 'till you listened to it about a hundred times, right and than you get it, right
Well, it's the same with this, right, if people can't understand it than too bad
When you were in "Wolves", did you get any ideas when you were in "Wolves"?
Well, I've got one idea, right (Yeah), but I didn't tell the other two about it, when I feel like it, right
He's got his idea, right, and mostly I think it's rubbish, right, and he, he does never have any ideas at all
(fuck off you c***, had he done what you told him anyway) See, that's how it is
But why are you all crummy like this?
Me and Jarvis go right fucking to it, right; he wanted me to live with him, right
Just picture how it was, 'cause he's a queer ('Cause he's a)
And also, we done the queer???, part of the eighties, right, because like, we are working on the same thing aren't we
Jarvis was the salt of the earth
Basically we hate each other, right, 'cause we're jealous of each other is what I said to him, right
For saying stupid things, right, we're always in competition (I don't) (Yeah, I don't)
Hй I know when you are feeling over exited (Man, you're fucking boasting) (Yeah I know, I'm telling about you as well)
Matt, you write, when you write songs and you, you know, and you, do you, what do you, get an idea or...
Yeah, I, we get ideas, right, and like, (Take it...), he does, at the moment, right, he's doing a lot of the work
(That's right) I'm doing a lot of music (Right) (Wait, hang on)
We go around to his house (Right) and knock it out (We just sit on it)
And they're trying (In my room) this thing done in lines, like pensioners or something, you know
And he, he's our final filter insurance
When you, when you, when you (Don't listen to his troubles)
It's great, that's the end

Yes, it's time for the Dr. Goebbels show
There's a tower in the heart of London with a radio station right at the top
They don't make the city beat, they're making all the action stop
A long time ago there were pirates, beaming waves from the sea
But now all the stations are silenced, cause they ain't got a government license
Wanna tell your problems, phone in from your bed-sit room
Having trouble with your partner, let us all in on the news
If you wanna hear a record, get the word from Aiden Day
He picks all the hits to play, to keep you in your place all day

Capital radio (In tune with nothing)
Capital radio (In tune with nothing)
Capital radio (I can't see you)
Capital radio (I'm gonna break through today)
Capital radio (Alright, alright, all day)
Capital radio (Rock, rock, rock, rock it all day)
Capital radio (Backstreet a-hear us out)
Capital radio (Grab attention, I've got my tool against the town)
Capital radio (We ain't got no rights)
Capital radio (It's such a crime)
Capital radio (Is it a game)
Capital radio (We ain't got no rights)
Capital radio (Slippin' off, slipping off)
Capital radio (Slippin' off, slipping off)
Capital radio (Slippin' off, slipping off)
Don't touch that dial, don't touch that dial
Don't touch that dial, don't touch that dial

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