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Civil War Rust – Diving lyrics

You said I've had enough.
I think I've been drunk enough times to decide that.
'Cause I can still stand up, for me that is enough to
Take myself outside.
Maybe lightning will strike me tonight.
From the back seat you sit and watch.
Time wasted just adds to the cost.
You think you'll never find your way back now.
Why would you give up?
I know your strong enough, it's not too late to start a
I just can't stop driving 'till the wheels fall off.
That might not be that long now.
Now that I'm gone I finally feel I belong, even though
I never fit in anywhere.
In town I heard you all talk.
You laugh a lot and call me lost.
Well I'm never coming back.
Why would I give up this?
The one thing I've loved that's never turned it's back.
I've walked this road a hundred times and stood here a
Hundred and one.
Toss and turn all through the night, visions of a
Better life.
I can't get them out of my head.
I've walked this road a hundred times and stood here a
Hundred and one.
It's so crazy it might just work.
We're so close it fucking hurts.
I can't get it out of my head.
Maybe lightning could strike me tonight.

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