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Chris Rene – Gonna Be OK lyrics

Uh, I learned to make a run like the reverend
But I never had a nine milly or a mack eleven
I was enticed the the g life
When I met them boyz from the east side
Making money in the street life
You could get stung taking honey from the beehive
Made my way through the tough and the troublesome times
You could say I always had something else on my mind, uh
Yeah, I been all about the me code
When I was young I always looked up to the hero
Everyone else they like scarface, deniro
Yeah, they used to call me a weirdo

If you ever felt your world was over
Thought about just giving up
Feeling like you're up when you're sober
And your best shot's not enough
Have you ever thought about just ending
Even toyed with the curtain call
I know how you feel right now my friend, see
I been back up against the wall
It's gonna be okay
It's gonna be okay

I remember I was rapping in the twilight
Saying it would be so nice living in the limelight
It was 1999, right
I never saw it coming it kinda hit me blindside
Been so many years since I looked back
I know that it's this music makes me look at
My life in a different perspective
Through my many studio sessions
Got my music obsession without no musical lesson
Learned to play punk rock, listened to adolescence
I was raised west side and used my mind as a weapon
I got cracked a few times
And I spracked a few lines
Ain't saying that it's cool just glad that I survived

Before this day is done
And it falls down like the sun
Just let me hear you say
It's gonna be okay

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