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Ch'aska – A Flower Brought Me Down lyrics

Looking for a place where nothing rules,
I found a box where all my memories were locked.
I saw... Creeping creatures with a thousand spears.
I felt... They were just earth creations,
A part of the universe of life.

Twisted hands trying to touch me,
Trying to take me down.
Help me!

It's no longer the magic,
The spell of mourning.
God if I have to live this life alone,
Tell me why are you there.

Why don't you leave me alone?
Why are you in my dreams?
Why are you in my thoughts?
Tell me why are you there?
Tell me god your majesty!

A flower brought me down.
... And I saw what my ancestors did.
The ruins of life.
The remains of what once was great
And now is just pure stones.
Fragments of lost cultures
From ancient civilizations.
Mutilated souls which I will take to keep myself alive!

God, take a look at your dying souls.
Souls that have nowhere to go.

There is only silence, everywhere!
God, were you there?

Silence, black silence.

There are no more souls, no more light.
The end has come, the universe of death.
I have nothing more to feel
Into this endless desert.

It's my hell.
Your hell.

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