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Chaser – The Big Picture lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Ever present is real life, in the way
Keeping you from really living today
Like gravity, it's always raining down
Constant as time, but it's on your time now
Take a step back when problems abound
Tunnel vision your mind through the ground
Ills of the world, they're hard on the eyes,
But there's a bigger picture to this life (You'll see it)
And you're the only one-2-3-4

Yeah, this is Life.
It's all up to you, get it right.
Yeah, this is Life.
It's all up to you, get it right.
And you're the only one who is seeing it now.

[Verse 2:]
Let it build up and you can't let it go
It's gonna fall harder than you know
No true gain, endless fight
It just takes one turning point
New perspective, new outlook on new life
You're the reason we now realize
Now I see through, at the darkest times
You've shown me the world through different eyes (You'll see it)
And you're the only one-2-3-4


Live now and have no regrets
Make good use of your time and don't forget
You only have one shot at life and then you're through
Better make sure your aim is true.
And you're the only one-2-3-4


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