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Chaser – Numb America lyrics

Go exercise your First Amendment rights.
In Numb America, you don't have any rights.
It goes on, and all along fat cats have got your tongue.
And that's just what they want.

Get ready for a wakeup, prepare to take a fall.
There's something evil lurking now, outside unprotected walls.
Young American so proud and ignorant,
Remember there's a difference between pride and dissent.
I'll throw it all right now, you won't decide for me.
I'll keep on trying.

You're just a consumer; you are so content
With your flag-waving lifestyle and everything it represents:
Reality t.v. over reading daily news.
Just stay withdrawn and trust them all.
They know what's best for you!

What about the unheard voices?
The ones they wouldn't dare lend a hand.
Democracy don't work for everyone, just the upper-class.
Lacking information: the state of the nation.
Non-concerned youth without a care.
So much you don't realize, totally desensitized.
Let them choose for you, it's only fair!

The policies they make affect us everyday.
It's not as if you care or ever will.
You've got your car, card, and your t.v. and a providing family,
But your passiveness will one day become real.

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