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Chanel West Coast – I Like New lyrics

I ain't gotta talk the bad bitches keep it quiet
Yeah I move in silence
I can hear them talking and they talking say it louder
Can hear them from my tower, smoking on some sour
Let these haters talking only talking hater
Bottom in the tesla, tryina pull my dress up
But I ain't with that old back seat been done shit
Chanel will run shit,
Kept my crew munchit
Certified shit, bad bitches in motion
I like new, I like new

Stop it, your clothes hot topic
Your flow's hot garbage
I've had it keep it quiet but sometimes I gotta drop it
Fuck your head in mold is, I'ma sip my moses
Chilling in the villa in inguilla getting loaded
What's the commotion, new shit is my motion
Sick of boulder wet guest music they promoting
When we just hoping, waiting for the moment
But I'ma stay focus, hope you notice that

I like new, I like new
I need a new bitch, I need a new
I like new, I like new
I need a new bitch, I need a new

I need a new bitch and a new six
With a new ass and some new tits
So I can use her shicks
Embrace in plins, ash in plins
Cash in plins
Calling doctor witter Ashley fin

I can turn that A cup to a B cup
Or I can turn that B cup to a C cup
Or I can turn that C cup to a D cup
And I can turn that D cup to E nuts
I like new no light miss me, tequila make me tipsy
So please tell that bartender don't mix me
I need some new pussy and a new house with a new view
That's why swat g 400, welcome to that new school

I like new, I like new
I like new, I like new
I like new, I like new, new, new

Number one rocking, talking on my Bluetooth
Smoking moro rocking
Yes I'm hashish, I'm a beast
They forgot in all white dress band creef shit I'm popping
Million dollars mansion, chopper to the Hamptons
Pumping some bloom with my bitches yeah we dancing
I ain't for romancing unless you talking karats
We be s shit, pj straight to Paris
Man I'm living lavish, I ain't gonna slow up
Yeah I keep it fresh off then a special derrick boa
Woke up feeling tow up, but I ain't gonna throw up
New shit see dub c, bout to blow up
New junkie on 95, time for glasses?
Monster like Lochness, jam man I got this
New blue shit so sick, chicken pasta

I like new, I like new
I like new, I like new
I like new, I like new, new, new

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