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Carousel Musical – Give It To 'Em Good, Carrie... lyrics

Give it to 'em good, Carrie
Give it to 'em good

Get away you no account nothing's
With your silly jokes and prattle
If you packed all your brains in a butterfly's head
They'd still have room to rattle

Give it to 'em good, Carrie
Give it to 'em good
Tell 'em somthin' that'll learn 'em

Get away you roustabout riff raff
With your bellies full of grog
If you packed all your brains in a polywog's head
He'd never even grow to be a frog

No, the pollywog would never be a frog
That'll learn 'em, darn 'em

Now just a minute ladies
You got no call to fret
We just asked you politly
If you was ready yet
We'd kinda like this clambake to get an early start
And wanted fer to tell you
We went and done our part

A group of men:
Look at them clams

A different group of men:
Been diggen 'em since sun up

The first group of men:
Look at them clams

Another different group of men:
All ready for the boats

First group again:
Diggin them clams

Yet another group of men:
We're all worn out and done up

All men:
And what's more we're hungry as goats

You'll get no drink or vittles
Till we get across the bay
So pull in your belts and load up them boats
And lets get under way
The sooner we sail
The sooner we start
The clambake 'cross the bay

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