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Canibus – My Home Atlanta lyrics

It's that crunk crew, it's that crunk crew
Blackened brothers in that crunk crew yeah
(Chorus x 2)
I love my home Atlanta
My red and blue bandanas
My slackin southern grammar
Them sexy go-go dancers
Cadallacs on hammers to braves hogs ballers and bangers
Those marijuana smokers them marijuana planters
I wake up in the morn
Turn my playstation on
Just bought that NFL blitz and that basketball
I be deriving songs
To see what's goin on
I let my hair grow long maybe braid it in the fall
Whenever I get bored
I just jump in my car
I go to Lennox mall and look for independent broads
Sometimes I get annoyed
They treat me like a scrub
I go down to the schools
Maybe I'll get more love
3 pm in the evening
I'm on the highway speeding
My front left tire's leakin
Should have bought a new one last week-end
I guess I wasn't thinking
Up ahead break lights were blinkin
For more than 30 minutes I was stuck in gridlock prison
This traffic drives me crazy
Goin west on 280
Five a bitch almost made me
Crash into her Mercedes
I'm glad I almost missed her
I pushed the clutch and shifted
It was a white lady I'd rather hit a sister
Cause see I know the system
It's easier to trick them
I use my g to pimp em and convince them I'm the victim
Naw baby you hit me
No I was in lane 3
You need some contacts you can't see
Naw girl you can't blame me
Don't panic just be patient
Give the bitch the wrong information
She'll probably never claim it scared of high insurance payments
I love my home Atlanta I love my home Atlanta I love my home Atlanta
Chorus x 2
The land of pretty peaches
Girls w

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