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Canibus – Last Laugh lyrics

Check out the bizarre
Style that I display, God
Kind of like the Biz went
But this is the Canibus wit the
Ain't just the name of the song
Is probably my favorite response
When I'm walking down the street
Or I'm out at the mall
And people be talking that blablabla
Well anyway
A regular day is just like this
The Canibus writes a rhyme
The Canibus spits
I eat eat eat rhymes
Niggaz don't be understanding that shit
Why you think I went and put a fuckin mike on my arm
Cuz it belongs to me and I belong next to Genghis Kahn
In a coffin carbon dropped with my body in bronze
Like Hon Solo when he got frozen in Star Wars
I'm great but I'm not the greatest
I believe I'm god but I'm not atheist
I'm crazy but I'm not the craziest,
I'm just a normal heterosexual homosapien
The industry tried to cave me in
I was an archangel but they changed me into Damien
The evil spirit of rap the evil rapper
Evil laugh
Rip the jacker
Master of the ceremony
Most people know me as such
My disciples know me as Master

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