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Canibus – Microphone Meticulousness lyrics

Ooo ya done fucked up now
Oo boy it's the brainstream blazing the green rip the
Mic no matter how wasted I seem yee

Is this what you want?

Yee yo yo I rap that shit when the mic check that shit
Canibus nigga he the best that spit
Fuck the fact that I never had a hit
I don't need it cuz I never met a rapper that I ain't rip
Walk strap wit a mic and a 50 minute dat for the night
Just incase your show ain't tight
Step on stage and paste left to right
Like a lion ready to bit you dieing tonight
More lines to your forehead than Brian Mcknight
A thousand volt voice box I'm a fry them tonight
I've been shitin on site
Meticulousness with the mic takes a mic and rips it
Like a Corbin knife
Lyricist that don't lounge
Break a nigga down
Since you're iced out you can keep the sweating down
Lift you of the ground till your bitch screams
Put him down he's a mic club member now
Beat you wit my braw
Force you to speak loud
Like motherfuckers give me 50 bars right now
Plus another 50 that's not 100
You spit 86 you trying to tell me you can't count
Throw you in the sweat box let you sweat in out
1 2 3 4 1 bar figure it out
You should feel you maggots aren't ready for the
Illist rappers
Allied metaphors in this joint active compensative
Comp linens in the rhyme science Protected by mic club security advisers
Pick the mic up and train
Till my voice becomes number one again on a Marge ton exchange
Too violent to tame
Move vein pump thro my veins
Cuz I never been embraced by the game
Put emcees to shame
With the lyrical linguist spiting vintage colonial English
Like who art thou, bow to the 10 inch dick suck on it
I'm the aflame of this shit
From the king of the past bringing it back
Tell the queen of the pride to come sit on my lap
Her body is spotless she ain't got one scratch
So you could keep them other ugly bitchs in the back

[Chorus: repeat 3X]

Niggaz want to bust like the canibus on the mic but
They can't bust like the canibus can
Niggaz want to bust like the canibus on the mic but
They can't bust like the canibus can
Niggaz want to bust like the canibus on the mic but
They can't bust like the canibus can

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