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Butta Creame – Karma lyrics

Oh karma it sneaks up on ya it will haunt ya but how could ya do this to me
Is my karma to be with other woman I got karma but how could you do this to me oh
Karma it sneaks up on ya it will haunt ya but how could you do this to me should of
Known he was creepin now he left me speechless cause I didn't think he would do
This to me

[Butta Fly:]
You could be thinkin one thing but there's but nothin else something else is goin on
Lord our relationship was so perfect but then I found out I was at home

[Re-chorus: Butta Baby]
I been with beginning that he was sleeping with my friend how he was wrong I
Couldn't deny I didn't think he would do the same thing twice oooh my I ain't even
Gon trip cause one day he gon get his


Hot Butta
I can't stop blamin myself cause what goes around comes backaround and now he got
Me feelin lost I built eveything around you and me boy but now I'm startin ova
I bury my cross

[Re-chorus: Butta Baby]

Cocoa Butta
Neva thought it would be me on tha otha side everythang was just alright
Neva thought you'll be willing to sacrifice I guess I had it coming right
Neva thought it will be me on tha otha side everything was just alright
Why he go there life is not fair caught me off guard I'm not prepared for this baby

[Chorus: till fade]

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