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Bride – Questions lyrics

Is it heavy
Is it white
Can I stab it with a knife
Will it bite
Will it scratch
Can I strike it with a match
Can I shut it
Can I lock it
Can I fit it in my pocket
Can I move it
Can I love it
Can I hold it
Can I shove it
Is it round
Is it wide
Will it know it if I lie
Will it bounce
Will it roll
Do I have to pay a toll
Will it fit through a door
Can I sit it on the floor
Can it run
Can it fly
Will it swim
Will it try
Will it hurt
Will it burn
Is it none of my concern
Can I buy it
Can I sell it
Can I trade it
Can I kill it
Will it know if I am gone
Will it sneeze
Will it yawn
Is it short
Is it tall
Will it look good on a wall
Can I teach it
Will it learn
Is it stable
Will it turn
Can I crash it
Can I smash it
Can I beat it into ashes
Will it growl
Will it howl
Can I lay it in a pile
Can it think - tell the time
Is it psychic - read my mind
Will it tickle
Can it laugh
Can I cut it into half
Will it die
Will it mold
Can I leave it in the cold

Is it borrowed
Is it stolen
Is it bruised
Is it swollen
Is it nasty
Is it gross
Can I eat it with my toast
Is it hot like a coal
Does it have a soul
Can it tell if I am lying
Does it know the world is dying
Does it think - have a conscience
Does it know that time's upon us
Does it read - understand
Can I hold it in my hand
Will it run if it's mad
Does it have a mom and dad
Can I drive it
Can I fly it
Who will know if I try it
Is it loud just like thunder
Does it look like any other
Does it know it is forgiven
Can it tell if I have sinned
[Lyrics and performance by: Troy]

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