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Bone Thugs N Harmony – You Got My Back lyrics

(feat. Jodeci)

[Intro:] Hey girl...

You got my back you showed me that.
Said you there you there
You be the one to help me wake up
Watch all the snakes and all the fakes.
Said you there you there
You still there watchin all these haters.
You got my back you showed me that.
Said you there you there
You be the one to help me wake up
Won't hold me down and that's a fact
Said you there you there
You still there watchin all them haters.

[Krayzie Bone:]
When I'm sleepin these niggas be creeping
Sceamin' spend a lot of times you peeped 'em
Seen 'em when I was day dreamin niggas say screamin
Some of your friends intend to just?
Niggas befriend simply because they think I'm rich
Take my kindness for weakness
Even if I slip up you bring up the real quick
Just like mama used to say
Don't let any of them niggas block your way
Cuz every body ain't your friend
A lot of these niggas just fake pretend
And they'll bring it to an end
So that's why I loved you for lovin me back
I never worried bout the real cuz I know
What its got?
You the reason I'm cool when shit get hot


[Layzie Bone:]
Yea, I can admit it
If it wasn't for you
Then I would still be
Out here livin' wreckless,
So I respect it,
When you see the drama you check it
I got your back theres no question,
You such a blessin, so helpin
I call you my secret weapon,
Girl, you can spot these blanks
From a mile away these fake smiles
They can keep on steppin.
You the best in the business,
Investigatin', on point,
When I'm stackin my bread,
For real you can see the whole field.
You the eyes in the back of my Head.
And I know get stubborn some times,
And I don't wanna listen,
But this is the truth
This rhyme that I'm writin here got me excited
Cuz this dedicated to you.


[Wish Bone:]
Not only is the lovin good,
But you hold me down
Like a real woman should.
Can't nobody do it like you
That's why beside me
Its always gonna be you.
I really do would do it do it
Anything yes fo'ya fo'ya
Not on that level won't nothin
Ever get in between us never.
You was here before I had any paper
So I know whats yours and chances are lady
Lady if I had to do it all again, I'd chose you
I ain't shit with out my best friend
My better half, remember when we said
That it wouldn't last.
We done made it down that road,
And everybody knows its forever and ever.

[Chorus: Till it fades]

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