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Bone Thugs N Harmony – Don't Waste My Time lyrics

[Intro: Krayzie]
Stay on the grind and rise on up, give it all you got

[Verse 1: Krayzie]
Shit, we done come up a long way
We crept and we came, we did our thing, just like the song say
Nigga's been talkin about us like it's Bone Day
They say "them nigga's my nigga's ain't kickin it no more."
They say we all went solo, "nigga's ain't even speakin no more"... You sure?
Nigga don't they know y'all been my dogs since back in the day. (Yep)
We been through some rough times, but never enough to make us break up
Besides, Bone is a business. Even if we didn't kick it, nigga this is business
So quit all that beef and come get this cheese
Nobody really been knowin the drama we done seen
Like my nigga Flesh in jail, stressin in that cell
And we been strugglin nigga, so we might spot ya with some bling bling, and pull a glock
Thuggish, ruggish nigga's, probably heard about us runnin up, checkin these busta's
Actin like they ain't gonna respect the Thugs, muthafuckas
We ain't givin a fuck no more, we get smashed and play with the dough
Kickin ass just so that you know, for the money we goin for broke

[Chorus: Krayzie]
I don't waste my time without no dollar sign
If you ain't talkin 'bout no paper would you stay outta mine
And don't be tryin to test my patience cause I do pack a nine
But y'all ain't really tryin to go to war

[Verse 2: Layzie]
See these mind's was handed the raw. And nigga's, they fuckin us, make the law
And sick and tired of seein nigga's flossin, put it down real 'til I'm in my coffin
Scrape a lape, can't get me bent. Nigga this tank don't run on fumes
And if I ain't got it you can assume, about to go get it and nigga's is doomed. (Caboom)
Cash is closure, this bank is run up before. Nigga better picture me when I'm rollin
Homie this nine is what I'm loadin, tryin to take me for the easy stick up
You better be pickin up your place or get a taste of this one eight seven murder case
It's dun-datta, no longer "see you tomorrow."
I'll be screamin "not a shotty, " he shouldn't have had no problems
Top to bottom, in's and out's, and if you don't know then close your mouth
Guessin games can lead to droughts. When they fall over, your ass out. Blast em out
Number one

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