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Blue October – The Feel Again (Stay) lyrics
I see the sun go down on the river
I feel the wind blow out, would've stayed to gray
I feel the air around you, it's kinda closing in
Do you feel it fall, or do you feel at all, I can!

I see the world keep moving as I stumble
They seem to move much faster than me
And while I sit in my four cornered room dividing hearts for a little girl
Well I can't be anything but who I am

And I wish you'd stay
That was the beginning of the two of us, the start of our show
Stay, stay, stay...
Now I would never have let go

And I see the sun go up as your image
And I feel the weight of your eyes as you stare
I feel it all when you, when you first, when you kissed my lips
You used to make me feel at home, you made me feel at home, you made me
Feel again

Oh and that's when you use to say, "Will you stay, and not let go?"
That was just the two of us to think about, the stars of our show
And you would say, "I wish you'd stay and I'd never go"
Oh I would never have let go!

So take this heart of mine
You've taken it a hundred thousand times
But this time, this time, I'm gonna take it with me

I see the door close down behind you
I watch your face turn from glow to straight gray
I see the moon go up and it shines this glory on my face
Who would know? Who would know? Who would know?

How we would stay, and we should stay and never let go, oh hell no
There's just three of us to think about now, in our show, our show, our
I think we'd stay, we'd just stay, and then we'd know
That we should never let go

Something to think about, her heart
Just look into those big brown eyes, and you'd just fall apart
We should stay, at least we'd stay, at least she'd know
That we should never let go
No, no, let go, go, oh...

I wish you'd stay
I wish you'd stay...

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    The breakdown of their relationship after having a child together. He is desperate for it to work - there was once great love there, and their 'show' was amazing. The 'show, ' has changed as they became a family, but she (his wife/partner) doesn't see things as he does, and wants out. He believes the relationship is worth fighting for, especially as there is a little girl now invloved, but she (his partner) has changed and closed herself to him.
    Heartbreaking. A fantastic song, that speaks to many of us I'm sure.
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    This is an extremely emotional song, and something I can't all thew way relate to yet I love it. To me this song expresses the sadness and sorrow of someone who lost a loved one. He longs for her but she leaves. It's awfully sad. It's as if hes still holding on to her even know she is gone. And he loves her still. But she leaves, and then the whole child thing. Extremely sad song.
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    This song seems to me like he wants so much to keep this relationship together, but nothing he does or says is working, so he's finally like "we need to do this for her (their daughter). So at least she'd know they should have stayed. But in the end we don't even know if that works. Beautiful song about a man desperately trying to hold onto what he wants and loves.
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    Simple. When a woman is too weak to be strong enough to commit to one man, even when they have had a child together. He has to accept that they can no longer be together, but that child, a wonderful part of his life is used as a battering ram upon his soul, his total being. The man is hurt, but it's the child that is hurt the most. The woman continues with her own prideful scheme, and does so that she wont have the face her truths. That she has run around on that man, and that she has done things around that child, knowing the man would have never done and said things around that child that were hurtful, or just wrong. He say's that he would never have let go, and in that he means that if she would have tried, then he would not have let go. That is my story, and many other single fathers in this world. The mother is indifferent to him, and he calls it the way it is, but she wont admit it, and so she uses lies to distance herself from the man, and thus denying visitation with his children.
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    I can relate, from what I gather, it's about a relationship that was once amazing, then things changed, during their time together they had a child, and then when things got real bad, the question of is it worth staying together because of our id? Was asked. I was in love with a girl, 6 years and we had a son together, 2 years down the line. 4 years later she left me. I wish she'd have stayed =/
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    It means dragon. I think that justin was thinking about dragons, all throughout writing this song. Just was doing some acid that day. Maybe a few shrooms. He gets really carried away when he mentions the thing about the baby being deaf. That wasn't a very smart thing for justin to do, at this point in his career. He needs to quit dropping acid, cut back on the mushrooms, and he'll be okay. He'll be more than okay, he'll be chicken.
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      The breakdown of their relationship after having a child together. He is desperate for it to work -... Read more →
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      This is an extremely emotional song, and something I can't all thew way relate to yet I love it. To... Read more →

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