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Blue October – Any Man In America lyrics

I only know spending time away
I only know the truth is spoken
Best when brutally so honestly.
I' ll let you know you set
The standards lyrically for me
One single middle finger
Say raise it up
My speech will always be free
Like Martin Luther King
You had meaning to me
Single handedly saving music starving industry
A hip hop legend with skin like invisible ink
Black even though he was whiter than me
He was the first to be colorless
Speaking for all of us
Then you let us into your family
Mother father brother sister wife daughter
Damn right in front of me
That's when I miss my daughter desperately
Your mocking bird puts dents in me

While touring press and reliving my song hate me
I was losing custody
I never even saw that shit.
How she played me
And planned and sought it fit
To turn that trick that financially she would benefit
My first and probably only billboard hit
Was gonna pay for my two year old's college
I should have hid that shit
So she couldn't spend that shit
It took twenty years of working
Just to earn that shit
Now word for word I've listened,
Heard and I'm done.
Like you don't know.
You act like you believe it.
That you're in control.
It's just your legal system though
They don't think about you
No they don't care about you.
Now every man in America take back your control
Like you don't know.
You act like you believe it.
That you're in control.
It's just your legal system though
They don't think about it
No, they don't care about it
Now every man in America take back your control.
I kept my business quiet
Just like my lawyer said.
And I tried to focus all
My anger in work instead.
I was succeeding at self reliant
But inside my soul is dead.
I had to be the sole provider
But not allowed to be the dad.
Literally they took her from me.
Legally they did! They did!
But I'm not a fucking book
So fuck your book in Lincoln I said
Fuck the judge. Fuck that county
Fuck your family too.
Yeah fuck everybody that took my baby girl, Blue
I'm way too strong
I work my ass off all day long.
And I'm gone for months at a time
And you keep sitting there and lying
Bitching "Come back home"
I hate you, hate you, go.
And then you came back home
And filed for another fucking divorce.
I'm sick of her I'm sick of you instead
I'm not sick up in my head.
Any other man in American can get screwed just like me.

You won't understand, probably never will.
Listen slowly I 'll let you know the deal
Lying ass play the judge with your crying ass
You had your nose wide open when you saw the cash.
Grimy bitch growing tired of you trying shit.
Women run the courts, men provide the chips.
Well eat up bitch until you had enough bitch.
But take my kids; you can kiss both my nuts bitch.
Telling lies cause daddy's always on the road.
But you the one fucking like a groupie at a show.
Money hungry so you try to take my youngins from me.
You a dummy honey I'll chase you across the country.
Bring the drama to you mamma and you mammas mamma
Cause we all know you chasing after commas.
Couple checks few houses and Gucci blouses
You changing dicks like you changing outfits.
Constitution now a day's got the daddies losing.
Lot of fathers getting fucked like prostitution.

[Chorus 3x ]

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  • u
    This song makes me really angry for the real fathers out there who want to be dads to their children. It highlights the anguish and frustrations of men who get involved with trifling, selfish women who use their children for pay cheques. This song should serve to remind men to be careful when choosing who the have kids with. Children don't deserve to be brought into this world for the selfish purpose of the gold digging slags who wouldn't know a days work if it didn't involve their knees or laying on the backs!
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