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Black Coast – Trndsttr lyrics

Hey you
Can I learn your flavour?
It's brand new
Now it's in the papers
All I seem to see
Must be something underneath

Take two.
I'm still tryna figure out what makes you, hot on the call
I guess it comes from your heart
Cause when your head's right, you take your time
There's something about the love for things you like

Hey Trendsetter
See your fire when the strobe hits you
I didn't see who you came with
Bet you're looking for something new
Whoa oh oh
I feel the heat with you starring half across the room
I dare you play your cards boy, you bet I'm a trendsetter too

Bulletproof on another level
Ahead of the crew
Select never settles
It only gets better the more you see
Powerful and free
Confidence is key
So watch me
Figure it out! It's all about
What you bring to the crowd
Where your preferences loud
Mmm they're calling me over
Set your fire on me
Like what I see, you getting closer

I feel the heat
I feel the heat with you staring half across the room

Trendsetter, double your odds
They grind away from the beat
I dance right into their hearts
Lasers on, got that energy
Can you feel the want?
It's you that I want now
Wait and see how they're drawn

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    I interpret this song as a girl being a girl being sassy, edging on or daring a boy to "give her what he's got", as shown in the phrase "I dare you play your cards, boy". It basically means she thinks he's got what it takes to be daring, and she fancies him a bit so she wants him to show her what he's made of.
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