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Betty Davis – Gettin' Kicked Off, Havin' Fun lyrics

[Verse one:]

Are you a rocker?
A finger-popper?
A tidily-bopper?
Tell me now, do you Dip, ' do you 'Doo?

Or, are you smoother?
Are you a groover?
Do you like to get high?
Do you try to be cool?


[Betty and male backup singers]:
(Are ya, are ya, are ya)

[Male voice #1]:
Gettin' kicked off?

[Betty and male backup singers]:
(Are ya, are ya, are ya)

Havin' fun?

[Betty and male backup singers]:
(Are ya, are ya, are ya)

[Male voice #1]:
Getting' kicked off?

[Fill one:]

[Male voice #2]: (I'm Roddy, I love to party!)

[Verse two:]

Are you a hustler?
A uniform-dodger?
Is your best friend Paranoia?
Tell me now, are you a street-nigger?

Or, are you stable?
A nine-to-five fella?
Do you use a napkin--
At your dinner table?


[Fill two:]

[Male voice #3]: (I eat 'em with my finicky fingers...)

[Verse three:]

Are you a player?
A slick, chickie-layer?
Do you lay 'em by the pairs?
Tell me now, do you lay 'em by the dozen?

Or, are you straighter?
A little less jiver?
Are you easy to please?
Can one lady satisfy ya?


[Fill three:]

[Male voice #4]: (I lay 'em by the dirty dozen...)


[Fill four:]

[Betty]: (Whoo! I'm Connie, I love to party!)

[Chorus, x2]

[Fill five:]

[Male voice #5]: (Ostrich egg, all the time, all the time, all the...)

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