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Bernie Paul – Night After Night lyrics

You're as cold as ice and I realize
That I'm loosing you
What can I do?
I can see your eyes and they show the lies
That you hide inside
That can't be right.
Why don't you tell me
You don't wanna see me no more?
Are you afraid that my cryin' would make you unsure?
It's been paradise now I see that guy
Foolin' round with you. Vvhat you're tryin' to do?
If you wanna go you don't need to show
All those s*** ways. Girl
I hate those games.
You're driftin' away and it looks like you loosing control.
I knew you before and you're never been actin' so cold.
Night after night I've been waitin' for you

Night after night in my room.
Night after night I don't know what to do

Night after night all alone.

And the picture of you reminds me of times we shared

And I can't understand why you're treatin' me oh so bad.
Why can't you see that you're loosing
The game that you play?
Can't you imagine the prize that you might have to pay?
When you're cold as ice
Don't you realize that you're loosing me

Can't you see?
Girl your Iyin' eyes are just a weak disguise
For your fantasy that you hide from me.
You're driftin' away. ..
Night after night I've been waitin' for you
.. .
And the picutre of you reminds me of times we shared
.. .
Night after night I've been waitin' for you
.. .

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