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Behind Enemy Lines – Third World Blood lyrics

Here in the first world we live our lives without concern for others and no regrets
We keep the third world dependent upon us submissive and docile and in our debt
We wear the smile of the humanitarian as we call for their subversion under our breath
We pledge our assistance while we covet their resources because our standard of living demands their death

We ride on the backs of brutal dictators
We fuel our economy with third world blood
We gorge ourselves on the spoils of cash crops
We fuel our economy with third world blood
We fill our gas tanks with stolen oil
We fuel our economy with third world blood
We take that which we want under the threat of war
We fuel our economy with third world blood

We annex their land, we bleed them dry
We repress their wages and keep them working for shit
We align ourselves with the oppressive regimes
Who see to it that their people submit
We line our pockets from slave labor
The age old industry of economic oppression
Has made us the richest country on earth
Because our wealth demands their exploitation


Without any American interference they would have the possibility for a better existence
Safe from the looting of the capitalist empire because their survival demands our absence
We mold the market, we manipulate trade, we create the conditions for our own benefit
That's the reality behind our third world interest because our involvement demands a profit


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