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Behind Enemy Lines – American Rape Rooms lyrics

What we chastise one minute, we justify the next
With the elevated morality that our torture reflects
Our grand-standing assertions mean absolutely nothing
If what we denounce is exactly what we bring
Back into the lives of those we claimed to liberate
The abuse we then condemned we now advocate and perpetrate
We label them terrorists but how are we different
When we reopen the rape rooms under American management?
Locked down under freedom's internment
Never convicted or even charged with a crime
Stripping them of their rights along with the dignity
Is easier than winning their hearts and minds
Interrogation erodes into inhumane torture
In isolation where the world can't hear their cries
Abused in the dungeons of American tyranny
Where international law no longer applies
Liberated to be degraded
Liberated to be humiliated
The new dictatorship has reopened old wounds
Terrorized in the American rape rooms
Caught in the spotlight with blood on our hands
Our credibility has been permanently damaged
Those at the bottom have been made the scapegoats
While the administration's role still goes unacknowledged
Ignoring all treaties and international standards
Rewriting the laws to legalize torture
Waging an all out war against Islam
The pentagon wanted blood and Bush gave the order
Liberated to be degraded
Liberated to be humiliated
The new dictatorship has reopened old wounds
Sodomized in the American rape rooms
We're kidnapping civilians to keep America safe
We're imprisoning the innocent to keep America safe
We're murdering people to keep America safe
We're raping children to keep America safe
Before the sickening images can take a political toll
The right-wing spin machine plays damage control
Talking points are dispensed to protect their ranks
The torture draws comparisons to fraternity pranks
To justify the torture of the "terrorist enemy"
Our crimes against humanity are a wartime necessity
We pat ourselves on the back as we spit in their face
A slap on the wrist is a spit in their face
Liberated to be degraded
Liberated to be humiliated
The new dictatorship has reopened old wounds
Dehumanized in the American rape rooms

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