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Beelow – How Many Dollars lyrics

f/ Ms. Peaches

Chorus: repeats 2x

How many dollars its gone take,

to see you bounce that ass girl make that ass twurk

How many dollars its gone take,

to see you bounce it, work it, twurk it, work it girl

Verse 1:

[Thug Addict]

Girl i like the way the way you shaking that thing

Working that thing, let me see you twurking that thing


It's the mra you know how we do the do ah

Flossin' with Ballin Music Group ah

[Thug Addict]

Stop stunting, girl let me smack that thang up

Stop stunting, girl let me see you back that thang up


Who I be? The M. Rah neat-o

I'm down with Ballin, mobbin' wit Beelow

I be the rhyme sayer, she be's that rump shaker

I be's that back break, we known as the money makers

[Thug Addict]

Up in here they got mo girls then Bayou Classic

Who shake it the hardest, work like a master

Like Jay-Z, and J.D. money ain't no thang

Let me see ya twurk twurk it in that g-string

Don't front let me see yo money maker shake

How many dollars will it take wooday?

Chorus : repeats 2x

Hook 1:

Here kitty kitty, back that azz up <repeat 3x>

Back that azz up, here kitty kitty <repeat 2x>

Hook 2:

Work that kitty kat, bounce dat azz hoe <repeat 3x>

Bounce dat azz hoe, work that kitty kat, work that kitty kat

Verse 2: [Beelow]

I see you in the club, I luv the way you twurk that thang

Girl you was handling yo business the way you pop it in that g-string

Up and down like a rodeo bronco

Bucking so hard you make a nigga wanna honk hoe

How many dollars?, How many its gone take?

What will it take to move that g-string out the way?

Don't stunt girl, won't you work it how u want to

Here's 50 dollars show a nigga what'cha gone do

Lap dance, or we can take it to the back

Love strippin' in the club, let me put you on yo back

If you wit, yeah I'm wit it, won't you come and get it girl

Earring in you fucking tongue make a nigga go girl

Won't cha pop that thang (no it won't stop)

Won't cha twurk that thang (no we won't stop)

Come on pop that thang (no it won't stop, no we won't stop, no it won't


Chorus repeats 2x

Hook 1 repeats 1x

Hook 2 repeats 1x

Verse 3: [Ms. Peaches]

You wanna get it, get it, get it my ass nigga

You got some fucking nerves coming wit them weak ass lines

Thinking you 'bout to get served, nigga please

I ain't about shaking my ass for no nigga

I'ma go getter, ghetto bitch

Clockin' my own scrilla

How the fuck you figure that you can pay for this ass?

You couldn't afford me even if you had a trunk load of cash

Couldn't last a damn minute if I was twurking my thang

I have you screaming (stop)!

NO!, now what's my fucking name

Fuck biggied bounce, bitch I'm trying to make some real money

So put them dollars in yo pocket cause I find that shit funny

Always be them cheap ass niggas won't you to work that string

But when it come down to fucking he ain't even got no thang

You holla working it twurking it, nigga you need ta start jurkin' it

Cause I'ma break it and take, fucking right I'm tryin' to make it

So how many dollars its gone take for you lick on this click?

Now get the fuck out my face

Chorus repeats 2x

Hook 1 repeats 1x

Hook 2 repeats 1x

Chorus repeats 2x

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