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Barbie – Two Voices lyrics

Some where to find a friend like you. Some how when your around the sky is
Always blue. The way we talk, the things you say the way you make it all okay.
And how you know all of my jokes but you laugh anyways. If I could wish
For one thing I take the smile that you bring wherever you go in this
World I'll come a long... Together we dream the same dream forever I'm
Here for you, your here for me. Ohhh, two voices one song. And any where you
Are you know I'll be around and when you call my name, I'll listen for the sound, If I could wish for one thing, I'll take the smile that you bring. Wherever you
Go in this world I'll come a long... Together we dream the same dream forever I'm here for you, your here from me. Ohhh, two voices one song. Ohhh two
Voices one song.

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    I corrected some of it. (well, most of it). But it's great! Please improve spelling. And listen carefully to the song. But you make me smile. Xd. Keep up the good work!. But better performance in the typing!. Ok?. You worked hard for it so I'm not gonna correct everything you type. So good job! But I like your songs. Maybe some celebrities will look at this someday! So check your spelling or maybe you can type really fast and you can't look to what your typing. But good! I'm not angry I am just teaching you how to check some errors in the spelling when you are doing some lyrics. Because maybe who is gonna sing the song and might say the errors. Ok?. You got it. Maybe some day you be a great writer if you improve. Well if you are a child or a young kid I understand perfectly. But if you are an adult you are already grown you should learn how to check. Ok? Please follow my advice!. I wish it was helpful. Good luck on your other lyrics!. Bye. : d
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