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Barbie – If You Love Me For Me lyrics

Once a lass met a lad
You're a gentle one, said she
In my heart I'd be glad
If you loved me for me

You say your love is true
And I hope that it will be

I'd be sure, if I knew
That you loved me for me

Could I be the one you're seeking?
Will I be the one you choose? Can you tell my heart is speaking?
My eyes will give you clues

What you see may be deceiving
Truth lies underneath the skin

Hope will blossum by believing

The heart that lies within

I'll be yours
Together we shall always be as one
If you love me for me

I'll be yours! // Who can say where we'll go,
Together we shall always // Who can promise that we'll be
Be as one // But I'll stay by your side

If you love me for me
If you love me for me

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Submitted byseptember_nich
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    This song is one of my favorites. It fits in well with the movie as well as our lives outside of it. This tune expresses the desire to be loved for who you are inside, not for what you are made out to be based on appearance and background. The singers want to find a love that is pure and based on the true nature of their character, uninfluenced by anything else. It fits well that Dominick and Erika sing it because Erika is posing as a princess at the time and falls in love with Dominick, hoping that if he ever finds out that the prince will love the girl he fell for when she was pretending.
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    This song is filled with hidden meanings, which makes it beautiful. When Dominick sings "What you see may be deceiving, truth lies underneath the skin" He is indirectly referring to the fact that he knows Erika's secret (he sees her without the blonde wig when she sings "The Cats Meow", he meant to tell her that he had disguised himself as a paige, but decided not too when he heard her song) The rest of the song conveys the message conveys that they are/were not who they seemed on the outside, but hope that they will love each other for who they really are.
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