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Bamil – Praying For You lyrics

Praying For You
(Music + Lyrics By

Bamil Gutierrez Collado
Sacred Healings Songs/ASCAP©2015)
All Rights Reserved

Worry that it's the word that could define
The meaning of how many strugles in this world
And bloodshed leaving the world without a soul
And keeping the human faith on a cliff fall.

Find, trying to find what the human kind just need
Without hurt Gaya's and our own lives
No more wars and neighbohrs fights that are senseless
Before this planet turn lonely by meltdown.

Have set a candle for you
And leave a light on to show you
How much i care
I'll walk the world in a day
And sail the oceans in one foot
To let you know
That i'm praying for you.

Hot, it's not really hot by the sunlight
Cold, it's not really cold by a winter storm
Sadly this is by the everyday nothing new
Tomorrow it seems like a science fiction term.

Drown on a sleepless sea this is going by
Raining is really the crying of our children fences
Where on the other side there's nothing else,
But a dead pool a blank paper with a guess who's who?

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Submitted byBamilMusic2017


  • BamilMusic2017
    This song is about the everyday situations that the world and its people spend. As far as days pass people are living in constant punishment from the burocrats. Sometimes feeling that God is not here anymore and the only chance of getting out of strugles is nuled. World need a light to feel alive and keep the faith alive without think that isn't a science fiction word. People need to trust more on a divinity shine and see another day with better eyes.
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