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August Burns Red – Meddler lyrics

This moment will too pass us by.
It's this notion inside all of us to prioritize
Through our selfish eyes.
To be the bull behind the rampage,
The reason for all the riot.

We'll feed our flame before wasting time on everyone else's,
With more problems and less pride.
We'll feed our flame before wasting time on everyone else's,
The gallows were not supposed to look like this.

Oh God, we live in misery, lying here in desperation.

We need you here more than anything right now... Right now.

If everything's relative,
Then why the emptiness in our souls? (2x)

Trying to untie the knot we thought
We were untying our entire lives,
We're busied up and burnt out...

Everyone together, we will strengthen ourselves. (3x)
We will.

Because now we know
You won't ever fly fast enough to make time stand still.
You won't ever fly fast enough to make time stand still.

Stop, listen, and learn. (2x)

You won't ever fly fast enough to make time stand still.
Stop, listen, and learn. (4x)

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Submitted byCrusheader


  • u
    As christians were taught to love god, love people. And I really think that's what this song is all about. When it talks about(if everything is relative. Then why the emptiness in our soul.). I think what that's saying if there wasnt an absolute truth(jesus christ)then why do we have a sense of emptiness or longing for something else or more like theres more to life, in our souls. The other thing is loving people is says(we'll feed our flame, before wasting time on everyone else's). This talks about us being so self centered that we forget the part about loving others, we do that to show people gods love, christs love, which is what we were called to do. Salt and light.
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  • u
    If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler. (1 peter 4: 15 niv).
    If you suffer, however, it must not be for murder, stealing, making trouble, or prying into other people's affairs. (1 peter 4: 15 nlt).
    It says in these scriptures. Meddler means "a busy body" or always prying ino someone elses business. It says in the song "to be the bull behind the rampage. Easy as that guys.
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  • a
    Not alot of people know this but Matt Greiner (the drummer for abr, also my biggest inspiration and I hope I can drum as good as him one day) wrote the lyrics for meddler.
    This song is about one of matts friends who was constantly busy all the time and never slows down. And the song is literally about how he burnt himself out on life and he got depressed and suicidal.
    Don't believe me?
    Theres a video on YouTube of matt being interviewed about it.
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  • t
    I mean this is just a personal message, but I don't know. This song appears to speak of Christians who are concerned about themselves and not anyone else. They worry about proving people wrong, and how they look but the don't worry about their brothers who maybe drowning. "You wont ever fly fast enough to make time stand still." refers to you can't escape the judgment day that Christ's is bringing. That day we will all face him and answer to the way we treated our brothers and sisters in him.
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  • c
    What they are trying to say is that s ultimately a relationship between the individual and Christ is all that matters. You must first be able to stand on your own with Christ to be able to help others; if you struggle with your inner demons, your not help. It is your personal job to first listen to god, and then you can focus on the others around you. You can't remove the speck from your friends eye, until you remove the log from yours.
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