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Asking Alexandria – A Prophecy lyrics

How stubborn are those scars when they won't fade away?
Or just a gentle reminder that now are better days?

We'll be home soon,
So dry your eyes.
You'll be okay.
(You'll be okay.)

Oh my god the water it's rising, it's rising.
You just have to believe in me,
Failing that I'll ride this storm alone.

We can still make it out.
I can help you through this.
But you have to take my hand.
I can take you home,
Take my hand, Take my hand.

I should've known the tides were getting higher.
We can still survive,
They think we're drowning,
But our heads are still above the waves
(Above the waves)
(I should've known the tides were getting higher...
We can still survive.
Above the waves.
I should've known the tides were getting higher.
I should've known the tides were getting higher.
We can still survive

You never said goodbye(Goodbye)
You never said goodbye(Goodbye)
You never said goodbye(Goodbye)
You never said goodbye
And now you're on your own!

You never said
You never said goodbye,

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Submitted byGeoffy
Corrected byPTVfan

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  • u
    I think it's about two people facing depression, the singer is worse than the person he is singing about. He knows they are about to drown (commit suicide) so he goes and helps them through the situation when he is facing the same thing so he is trying to keep two peoples heads above the water. In the end they did it and he didn't have any closure with said person. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I'm tired.
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    To think that people around the world thinks that suffering in there own pain makes things better and its not I can say this because I have felt pain and y heard this word one day "to understand one another you must feel there pain but understanding there pain doesn't mean that you agree with him o her as long as there is love there will be hate I hope someone find the answer to understanding one another.
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    If you actuallyy care about music n listen to the words it has meanin! But again its your own personal meaning so theres no room to sayy any of you are wrong! N theres no reason to hate a reallyy good song because you friend started cutting herself she obviously has sum issues she needs to get out and that is apparently her escape! The song talks about how someone was having a reallyy hard time but he or she was there no matter what theyy were going to be by there side "ride the storm with them". And then times jus kept continuing to get worse so theyy ended it and never said whyy or gooodbye. The songs prettyy self explanitoryy. And I'm so fuucking excited to see them december 13th! Its gonnna be a hellla bomb concert!
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    Since the song says "You'll be okay." and "I can help you through this, but you have to take my hand.". I think it has a meaning to it. I don't think he wrote it just to write it. It could be something completely different from what we all think, but I think there is some literal meaning to it. Maybe he was trying to speak out to people who want to commit suicide. None of us will know what it really is about. Maybe it has something to do with someone he cared about killing themselves. Maybe it didn't have to be them drowning, but I still think it has something to do with someone killing themselves.
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    Now I'm not gonna say hey, I'm right so nyah! But I think if some of you guys put your ideas together you'd have it. I say it's about someone attemtping suicide and the stress of trying to help a suicidal friend. You want to be there and get them through it but a the same time, you have to be that much stronger just to keep your cool and make them know that you're there to help.
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