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Asking Alexandria – I Was Once Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King lyrics

I see myself there waiting by the roadside
Laid claim to nothing but a black bag and the attire I stand in
No name, no history
Just a target on my temple and a hole in my head
I could've been one of kings
The shell of a boy of the man that I used to be
A monkey in a man suit
I stand here as nothing to you
Wind me up and watch me go

Lay down your guns
Cut me from ear to ear
Eye for an eye
The glass is long gone broken

I walk this road alone
No thanks to you
No thanks to you

Load up your six-shot baby
Put it to my head
Pull the trigger, blank I'd figured
Put it to me, dead

Lay your guns down let me die(scars)
Why won't you just let me die(don't)
Lay your guns down let me die(heal)
Why won't you just let me die(when)
Lay your guns down let me die(you keep)
Scars don't heal when you keep cutting
Always cutting
Cutting deeper
Always deeper
Scars don't heal when you keep cutting

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    I feel like this song has so much meaning. He starts out talking about bein in an emotionally distraught state (and unless you've been there you won't understand) that point where you are so deep into that hole of depression you don't even know who you are anymore. And he walks alone, like so many people do. It also displays the physical side to that. "load up your six shot baby, put it to my head. " along with the sort of depression hes speaking of, comes darkness and no way out and so many people turn to suicide because of that. Cutting to cope is very possibly what he means. No he's not talking about "emo faggots" (however that is a disgusting thing to call someone and thus you are disgusting) he quite possibly means either physical, or emotional cutting and scars that a person continues to torture themselves with and thus "scars don't heal when you keep cutting"
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    The lyrics 'i walk this road alone. No thanks to you' suggest to me that someone has left him recently and the lyrics ' load up you six-shot baby. Put it to my head pull the trigger, blankl I'd figured put it to me, dead' suggest that he now wants to die because of it. It's about losing someone you love. The title aswell. When your in love you feel like your the king/queen of the world. He was once.
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  • c
    On our 13th month we both decided to part ways. The irony of it happen on the same day and on the same time. He's not happy with the relationship. I do still love the man. Hurting and longing for his call, his voice, his care, for him to say he love's me too. And miss everything about him. But you could not force somebody to love you back the same way. Waiting for the day to heal all the pain.
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    Okay here's my view on this song: this couple started out great, but she finds out he's got something like a drug addiction and lost who he was that she loved him for and he keeps making him feel more lost and blaming him for her new problems making it worse for him causing him to go farther down and only end up hurting him (hence the fire til I'm dead, scars don't heal when you keep cutting) and she ends up just abandoning him leaving him in a lost state.
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  • h
    Two soulmates on opposite shores, he her savior/her the captive, downtrodden in abuse. He arrives to save but her pain is so great that she lashes out irrationally. She had given up on him/rescue long before, and turned dark by those aroung her. In that brief moment it was already to late, apology meant nothing, she was not who he thought she was. Her heart still broken to this day by her own dark hand, She loves him still. Always will. She is ever present in the background and walk in the moonlight around him still. From time to time he is reminded by shadows and remebers that long loney road home and the sunset they were to walk towards together. He just wants to heal, she never understood that. Till now. Real love will walk away but never die.
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