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Asheru – Truly Unique lyrics

[f/ Blue Black (Unspoken Heard)]

Harmony, unity
You and me, grew to be
Bigger than we thought we could
Brought it up from the hood
Givin back, livin' Black
Our problems all good
Kept in the family
Keep it strong like we should
We can eat, who said we can't pity on that man
Every time I see you I see god y'all, family stand
(they don't know, no, no they don't me, they don't

You and me
Together we
Pull together desperately
To make a change
And break the chains
You know the pain
So rake ya brain
This ain't no game
This is life man
What's ya aim?
What's ya name?
Where you from? Where you goin?
Do you know that the more you know the less you
Let's keep it growin
It's not the endin'
It's just beginin'
Regardless of the tricks they try we keep transcendin'
Keep ya pop jams spinnin'
Raise strong men and women
To higher forms of livin'
That we previously been in
Kings and Queens rev your engine
Get in position
Put down your superstitions
Religious divisions and listen
Ya baby's trynna talk to you
Ya mate is trynna walk with you
Ancestors die for you
Grandparents try for you
Evil do-ers lie to you
Can't say good-bye to truth
Man what you plan to do?
Pray stay faithful things will come to you
However long it takes to penetrate and breakthrough
I'll meet you on the other side
Where there's love peace happiness and self pride

Powers in our hand
Feel me demand
A Universal stand
We slave on this land
Now the serpents king
We're gonna do our thing
Let that freedom ring
If you wit me people sing

Family stand, family stand, family stand, family stand
(repeat 1x)

We livin now
No waitin on the next life
Gotta use up every moments worth to make this one
We fight today to bring the youth to write tomorrow
Came too far down this road we unload all the sorrow
And stay busy
No harvest this great
Workers this few
We put ourselves inthis position gotta pull ourselves
If we fight towards our prayers, gotta fight for you
When we all fight together anything we can do
You know a war without casualties ain't no war
Many died to live before
There's gonna be more
They can beat, kill and rape us
Take us from our neighbors
Seperate us from our family
But them cowards can't break us
Babylon falls prophecy like? Tolstoy?
The boys become useless The system self-destroyed
Apocalypse now, and the Devil can't alloy
Cuz Heaven's in our hearts and we're gonna bring the
From the mornin through the night
Through dark shine light
The prize clear in sight
We dedicate our life
Givin everything we got
All our might for our rights
We get up, we stand up and don't stop the fight


[Chorus repeated through end]

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